Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! I guess I should start by saying that I’m not tech-savvy at all so expect multiple changes to the site as it grows.

Cooking has always been more of an ongoing experiment. We use whatever we have on hand, ultimately substituting, eliminating and/or adding in an ingredient.

My family has a tendency to never write anything down, as a result, much of my family’s unique creations were lost as years passed. In an attempt to preserve these experiments Growing Up Original was created.

I hope you enjoy my family’s successful (and sometimes not-so successful) inventions!

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P.S. Measurements may be a bit off since we usually eyeball it. Practice makes perfect…


Steamed Baked Fish

Steamed Baked Fish (shown with a side of white rice and <a href="http://wp.me/p47fiF-1f">Peruvian Fish Stew</a>)

Steamed Baked Fish (shown with a side of white rice and Peruvian Fish Stew)

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Hot Dog Stir Fry

Hot dog lovers this one’s for you!  With winter just around the corner, it’s too cold to grill hot dogs. So what do you do?

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Rocoto with Scallion Sauce

Quick and easy. If you love hot, spicy sauces this one’s for you!

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Chinese Steamed Eggs

Chinese steamed eggs, or huevos al vapor, as we call it at my house, is a savory dish steamed until just firm so that the inside texture is smooth and silky. It’s very easy to make. The eggs are beaten just like you would when making omelettes and water is added so it doesn’t come out dry and rubbery.

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Easy Fried Rice

Simple. light and quick to make. It’s sure to be a healthy alternative than take out. 🙂

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Tomato Skin

thin tomato skin

In order to make homemade tomato sauce, my mother peels and discards the tomato skin.

What patience! 🙂

Parihuela Peruana (Peruvian Fish Stew)

Parihuela, sometimes known as Peruvian Bouillabaisse, is a spicy, fragrant stew packed with seafood. It’s a dish typically found in the coastal regions of Peru. This is my dad’s “American” version of it. 🙂

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